What Size of Office Space Do I Need?

Here at the Johnson Foundation of Florida, we understand that people have questions about their office space and what they might require. This is why we work hand in hand with our customers to ensure they have all the best information to make informed decisions about their space.

How Much Office Space Do I Need?

To determine how much office space you truly need, you should first ask yourself some questions about the type of business you operate and the number of employees you have under your watch. If you look at both of those factors, you can start to make some calculations about the total amount of space you require.

A few additional questions to ask yourself include:

  • Does each employee need their own desk, or can they share desks?
  • How many remote employees do I have? Could others be shifted to remote work?
  • Am I looking for an open office space or individualized desks?

Those are all questions that can help you sort out the kind of office space you might require. When you have those answers in mind, a member of our team can begin to help you find the office space that you require based on your specifications.

What Size of Office Do I Need?

There are many types of offices available for companies of all sizes and with all needs. It is our job to try to make sure that office managers receive the specific requirements that are best suited to serve the needs of their company.

A few of the office types you will see offered include:

  • High Density Office – This is a space that includes 80-150 square feet per employee. Most of the employees have open office spaces and shared desks. A few higher-level employees may have a private desk or small office.
  • Average Density Office – In this case, we are looking at between 150-250 square feet per employee. This is a fairly traditional office layout with a mixture of cubicles and some private offices.
  • Spacious Office – A total of 250-500 square feet per employee. This type of office is usually reserved for a law firm or other space where each individual employee would need a large amount of space for things like record keeping and having private conversations with clients.

No matter what your office needs are, we can help. It is our job to locate the specific space that meets your needs and makes it easier for you to utilize the space you have available to you.

People often wonder how they will ever figure out what kind of office space they truly need. However, it more or less boils down to knowing the type of space you and your team are likely to use, and then moving on from there. If you can provide a few useful answers to our team, we can certainly help you with your question on this.

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