3 Hidden Costs of Office Space in Tampa

Here at the Johnson Foundation of Florida, we provide office space for those who need it. We rent out the space to our clients and try to ensure that they are set up with the exact type of space they require. However, we also want them to understand the cost of office space and what some of those hidden costs may be. This will help them be best informed about why they should turn to us for the best office space Tampa can offer them.


You might not think about the cost of utilities that you have to pay for in your office space, but it is something that you ought to think more about. Utilities can start to get rather costly when you power an entire office space. Instead of ignoring those costs or pretending they don’t exist, why not get proactive and start looking at what utilities truly cost in your space? That is the best way to start getting a more accurate estimate of the true cost of the space you have rented out.


Presumably, you will need certain amenities in your office to keep it comfortable for the people who work there and yourself. Just think about the cost of the Internet as an example. It can run at least $120 a month (if not more), and you will certainly need to provide at least that to the people who work for you. So, you need to include that in your calculation of what it costs to run an office space. It certainly goes beyond just the price that you pay in rent.


You will owe additional property taxes on office space that you purchase, but you may also have to pay the property tax on a property you rent. Some landlords pass the cost of their property taxes on to their tenants twice per year. It allows the landlord to get out of having to cover those taxes, but it puts a strain on the business that now has to pay for something like that. It is not a guarantee that your landlord will pull this move, but it is something that you should consider as a possible scenario.


Finally, don’t forget that your office space will require some repairs from time to time. Depending on the deal you strike up with a landlord, you may be responsible for some of that maintenance. If you don’t have a locked-down agreement about how this will work, you might as well consider the maintenance to fall squarely on your shoulders. Therefore, you need to take steps right now to get the cost of your maintenance for your office space figured out and start adding that to the amount you pay in rent.

Byron Johnson Blog Icon By: Byron Johnson